If you can't find your dream, create it...

One day I interviewed for my dream job.  It was magical, a world of crafting bliss and creativity overflowed. Rooms filled with like-minded people with a constant stream of brainstorming and a crafting budget.

On the drive home, I had an overwhelming feeling, like God was in the passenger seat next to me and told me that  "the job was mine."  Looking back it was all within a week that I had seen the job opening, compiled my portfolio, submitted my application, was called for an interview.  Nothing happened that fast and that easy that it seemed too good to be true and too perfect not to happen. 

A week later, I received the notification that it wasn't. Imagine my confusion. 

My first thought, "Ok, God, what was the lesson in THAT adventure?"

They loved my resume and they loved portfolio.   A room full of expert designers and crafters loved MY portfolio. 

I looked around my house and thought about all the tools I have at my disposal.  Frankly, the projects in my portfolio were things that I wanted to do, nothing that I had tried to make special. What if I applied a little elbow grease?   I started counting all of the projects that I have wanted to do but haven't yet plus all of the projects that were in my portfolio.

The job WAS mine, sitting here, in my own home, waiting for me to grab it by the horns and run with it.  

This is the best job ever.  Better yet, I get to do it with my family, on my time, in my house, on my schedule, and with my own deadlines.

Thank you God.  And thank you to you who is reading this right now.  Thank you for being a part of my dream.

I love photography, I love crafting, and I love creating.  I am on a pursuit to figure out my God given purpose and love to be inspired and find inspiration.

One day, I dream that I will be able to update this section with our plans to travel around the country so that you can follow our adventures.

Welcome to my dream job, pull up a chair, grab yourself a cup of coffee and feel free to make yourself at home.