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We Have Found Our RV!!! What Did We Get, You Ask?

We Have Found Our RV!!! What Did We Get, You Ask?


Do you know how excited we are?  Ecstatic!!!!!!!

That's a lot of exclamation points, isn't it?

We have searched the nation, braved 100+ degree temperatures walking Arizona RV lots, asked friends if they were selling their 5th wheels, debated the type of RV to buy over and over.  Ladies and gentleman we have finally done it. 

We. made. a. decision.

It's true!

We started to narrow our selection and we had a mental list of "would really like to have features," knowing everything was negotiable because we were having a difficult time finding something that had EVERYTHING we wanted. 

The list included:

King size bed
Washer & Dryer
Desk or Space for Desk
Space for our Daughter either a bed or a play nook
Full-Time Rated Build Quality (this really was non-negotiable)

We had found many models that we liked, but there was always a compromise.  If it was full-time rated, it didn't have a spot for our daughter, or it was only a queen bed, or it was out of our budget. 

We had thought we could sacrifice hook-ups, laundromats would be easy enough to find on the road, right? 

We'd find a model we absolutely loved because of the interior layout only to do some research and learn that it was plagued with repair issues.  

I still vividly remember how it happened.

My husband and I were working side by side at our computers.  Well, I was working, he was surfing for 5th wheels.   He had come across a bunk house layout that had been marked down at a dealership in Michigan.  He was searching a higher price range because we also started talking about compromising our budget because we just weren't finding the one that felt right. 

The model looked perfect.  The price was a little high but reasonable.  The reviews for the dealership...terrible. 

Frightening actually.  Like, turn and run this place is a nightmare, review after review. 

Ok.  Well.  Scratch that. 

If we were going to buy something from another state, in this case a billion states away, we want to have some confidence in working with the dealership. 

On the plus side, we now had a model we liked and could search for that specific model layout.  He plugged it into a search engine and about 4-5 listings came up.

There was one there that was way over our budget.  He said out loud, "Well, let's see what this price will get ya"


The page loaded and the dealership had dropped the price $15,000!!!!

Gasp!  It was now in our budget.

We looked at the photos over and over and over and over. 

This was the one.  We can't let it get away.  Can we call now?  Are they open?  They were not. 

Like this price was too good to be true low. 

We didn't even negotiate.  What do we need to do to hold it?  We didn't want them to change their mind. 

Several of the employees at the dealership said to us. "Um, what price did you get it for?  Is that right?  I think that's below invoice."  Yeah, we know!  Where do we sign?

Divine intervention.  Everything we wanted at the price we wanted it. 

We love it.  

Our list?  Check. Check. Check. Check. Check.  But wait, there's more...it was the décor colors we really liked, has an oven and a microwave (most RV's don't have an oven), a full-size refrigerator, and an auto-leveling system for easy set-up.  BONUS!!!

Please meet our new home,  a brand-new 2015 Montana High Country 356BH 5th Wheel:

 Meet our new home, a brand new 2015 Montana High Country 356BH

Meet our new home, a brand new 2015 Montana High Country 356BH

Isn't she pretty?  We had a great experience working with Bish's RV, they have four locations in Idaho.  The staff we worked with were knowledgeable and friendly, we had a few hiccups that caused delays during the process but they were always honest, took ownership, and fixed the problems. We would absolutely work with them again.

Click here to view our 1st video, a quick and dirty tour of the inside and outside a day after it was delivered from Idaho. 

We'd love to hear from you! Are you looking to travel?  Are you an experienced traveler or RV'er?  Please leave us a comment below!

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