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Thirty Days Ago

Thirty Days Ago

Thirty days ago we left the scorching desert heat for the Big Sky Country of Montana.  

Thirty days ago was the start of a grand adventure, long-held dreams coming true.   

Thirty days ago, we took a BIG leap of faith.   

How's it going, you ask?

It's good.

It's hard.

It's SO good for my soul.

But, it hasn't all been easy.  

It will test you.

There are learning curves.

Several of them.  

There have been hard, stressful, and long days.

We're adjusting.

Days when no matter what we would say - or do - we would struggle with our daughter.

She's adjusting too.

Thirty days ago life was different than it is today. 

Life was mundane.  


We've officially been living on the road in an rv for a month. A 5th wheel to be exact. (A Montana High Country if you like irony)

We have found our groove.

Life on the road is better. 

Traveling is freedom.

Our first week was hard, many days of travel through several states, Montana our goal.   

Arizona - Utah - Idaho - Wyoming - Montana.

When we're exhausted, or hungry, or frustrated it is easy to forget what we get to do.

I stop, take a deep breath and remind myself that I can open a window and look at a tree, a mountain, a new flower I've never seen before, a new place....a Montana sky.


Today we've started our journey out of Montana.  

Thirty days ago, we couldn't wait to get here.

Mixed emotions are dancing on my heart. 

Montana was our first goal and we are checking it off of our list.

We did it!

But, Montana...

Montana is MAGICAL.

I could stay here for awhile.

I have to come back.    

Life is different here.  

Life is calmer.

Life here is not about politics or play dates, fitting in or measuring up.  

Life here is simple and there is one thing that I can say that Montana has given me...


Now I know where I can find it if I ever need it again. 

Here's to many more blessings,







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Travel Diaries - Montana

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