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3 Free Ways to Improve Your Photography Now

If you're like me you just saved up all your pennies to buy a fancy new camera, but also like me, you probably haven't yet put anything aside for photography learning. Below are a few ways that I feel have been beneficial to my growth as a photographer and really...all can be done for free.

1.   Study other photographers work. 

Find photographers that inspire you and study their work.  Ask yourself...why do i like this?  Are they using a different technique?  How are they composing their images?  Do their images tell a story?  Dont pick your competition or your local market,  pick people that you aspire to be so that you elevate YOUR skill level. 

2.  Study light.  Photography is light. 

Understanding how to use existing light, understanding how light changes and how to anticipate changes in light will elevate your ability to take better photos.  Take a photo of thd same spot at different times of day.  What is the blue hour and why is it different than the golden hour.  Watch sunsets and sunrises.  Pay attention to shadows and where shadows fall at different times of the day. 

3.  Get out and shoot. 

Go take a walk and shoot just to shoot.  Shoot things and challenge yourself to shoot them in a different way than you have before.  Change your perspective and try different compositions. Some of my favorite photos came from random walks.  Seek out a local meetup group or invite a friend to go with you.   

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